By Julius Villacorta - April 02, 2013

Apparently I believe, this man (or I dunno) is a stand-out; given his name - DOMENIC. I've never really met or at least known somebody with which name is spelled that way. So I can count that as a very big point to the fact that he's not easily forgettable. 'Coz you know when I see a picture of him somewhere  or someone mentions his name, I'd say "Oh Doms! The Do-Me-Nic".

And of course I am not kidding. His name sometimes makes me think that the DOMINIC is the one misspelled or the one less valid. But who am I to talk about spelling and validity? The spelling of his name doesn't define him anyway.

To lay down history, Doms is my cousin's classmate in high school (even in grade school, I guess). And one of my cousin's closest friends. So, it isn't that I only knew him when we became work-mates or team-mates thereafter. I'd always known him even when I wasn't living in Davao City yet. I'd seen him in pictures and heard of him in my cousin's tales.Until I finally got to meet him perhaps almost four years ago when I moved in the city to go to college. He would always hang out at my aunt's house along with the rest of their gang and that doesn't mean I'd gotten to talk to him or anything since my mom ever told me never to talk to strangers. LOL. Kidding aside, I hadn't really gotten the chance to converse with him since I tend to shy away every time they visit the house. And you know me, I'm shy type. But yes, I had known him even before we became team-mates. Yet it was only then that I knew him better.

You see, we've only been team-mates for four months. I know not everything of him but suffice it to say that I know him to an essential extent. I may be even proud coz he opened himself wholly to me as he did to his other friends. He entrusted me some of the deepest secrets he has in his life including some, er, NOUNS, he wouldn't really like me to mention. Most of them are so interesting I can't put my questions of curiosity to a halt whenever we get to discourse about it. That's big whoop. Coz when someone trusts you enough to turn secrets into truths, that's when they begin considering you as a real friend. At least, that's what I believe.

Before he even left for Cebu City, I'm glad to have been able to hang out with him more often. Including those times when I'm a lil out of budget. Or not really 'a lil' but I'm using that term since it sounds like I can actually speak English.  And at those out-of-budget times, he'd lend me money so we can go to Abreeza Mall and chat, if not gossip. And ironically, these out-of-budget times usually end up in Starbucks. UBUSAN NG YAMAN : that's what he fondly calls it.

In the entire course of the time we have spent together as companions, I haven't really felt uncomfortable around this guy. As much as he has opened himself to me, I also have opened myself to him. By now, he'd known some of the seriously stressful, disturbing and unsightly horrors in my life. Although I am honestly an open book which might make you think I needed not exert any effort in opening up to him, that's wrong. I'm not crazy enough to share sensitive things with someone who doesn't listen. Believe me, some people doesn't listen. And Doms is not that person.

That is the reason why I'm so happy that despite our differences, we have been given the gift of listening and understanding each other. We had contradicting opinions over the Carlos Celdran issue but it didn't lead us to anything that would have jeopardized our friendship. I'm also glad to share some similarities with him. Dislikes, for example. And when i say DISLIKES, I don't mean things. Heck! Of course I mean people.

I miss this DOMENIC. I miss how he insists on eating in Jollibee instead of Mcdo because I was always the one likely to do the compromise in modicum reluctance. He's got this addiction over Jollibees chicken and I'm not addicted to chicken-a-la-McDonalds so it wasn't big a deal. I miss how he'd say he doesn't care about somebody when he actually does. I miss how he doesn't want to be unfair with others coz I wanna tell him again as I've told him once that while we are being fair to others, we are being unfair to ourselves. I always wanna remind him that.

On the flip page, however, that may be the best thing I've learned from him - BEING FAIR TO OTHERS. Being fair to others as much as we can. I thought I might have been way too selfish in my entire life so I try to wrap my mind over this bit of wisdom. I have always wanted to be given my dues, never quite considered giving other people's due at the same time. Doms appears too senseless but there's always something in someone for somebody to see him through.

Friendship is a mystery that unravels more mysteries in itself by itself. I'm glad to be in this mystery with him.

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